Do you know your speed limits?

Speed limits vary depending on the vehicle you are driving and the roads you are driving on. 

Many van drivers think the speed limit for vans is the same as cars...its not!

In fact vans differ from cars on single and dual carriageways. A van can only drive at 50mph on a single carriageway and 60mph on a dual carriageway whereas cars can travel at 60mph & 70mph respectively. 

Know your limits

In many urban areas the speed limit is now 20mph and especially by schools and heavily built up areas.

Wales have also introduced 20mph limits in all areas that used to be 30mph

In urban areas if you are unsure what the speed limit is then look out for street lights. Unless otherwise stated this will be a 30mph (20mph in Wales) zone.

What's the difference between miles per hour (mp/h) & Kilometres per hour (kp/h)


30 48
40 64
50 80
60 96
70 112

The calculation between MPH and KPH:

1 MPH = 1.60934 KPH

Different Road Conditions

Irrespective of the speed limit, it is imperative to always exercise sound judgment based on the prevailing road and weather conditions. 

For instance, when faced with slippery roads or driving along streets with parked cars, it is prudent to adjust your speed accordingly. 

During such journeys, it is crucial to remain vigilant and be aware of potential hazards, including:

  • Pedestrians suddenly emerging from behind parked vehicles, with children being particularly susceptible to such behaviour. 
  • Vehicles that may abruptly pull in or out without signalling.
  • Drivers' doors unexpectedly opening.

You may find that at some roadworks there are temporary speed limits to slow down traffic. These speed limits are mandatory and may be enforced by cameras or police officers patrolling the area.

VAN Speed Limits

You will have seen from the table, van limits are different for the type of van you are driving and if you are towing a trailer. 

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