Salary Sacrifice

Discover flexible, affordable green driving solutions with our EV Salary Sacrifice scheme with MPH Vehicle Solutions.

What is Salary Sacrifice?

Put simply a Salary sacrifice scheme exchanges some of your salary for a brand new car.

You choose the car you want from a wide range of vehicles and can compare different models on our dedicated portal.

You will see what each car costs and how much you reduce your salary by. 

Everything is included in the package.

  • A new car of your choice every 2 to 4 years.
  • Servicing and repairs.
  • Breakdown and accident cover.
  • Insurance.
  • Early termination insurance.

You will pay Benefit in Kind Tax (BIK) on the vehicle, with EV vehicles BIK is currently 2% so you are looking at around £10-£30pm depending on car and income.

As you are paying less tax and national insurance a Salary Sacrifice scheme can work out 40% cheaper than having to lease a car yourself.

This really is hassle free motoring! 

What is Included in Salary Sacrifice?

MPH Salary Sacrifice scheme will include all the following:

  • Choice of EV and low emission vehicles.
  • Terms between two and four years.
  • All maintenance, servicing, MOT's and tyres are included. 
  • Comprehensive insurance with business cover included. 
  • Accident management.
  • Breakdown cover.
  • Early Termination Protection in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Once the scheme is all set up, it's quick and simple to get your new car. 

We are sure you will have many questions about Salary Sacrifice, so we have listed the most common ones below.

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Your Salary Sacrifice Questions Answered

Typically there is no deposit to pay.

There are no personal credit checks carried out.

You save on Tax and National insurance contributions as these are reduced from gross salary. 

Everything is included, all you need to do is charge/ fuel the car.

The employer saves on Class 1 National Insurance contributions.

The agreement is between you and your employer. It offers a brilliant employee benefit for both the company and employee.

By choosing an Electric car (EV) or low emission car the employee pays very little Benefit in Kind tax.

Simply put Salary Sacrifice for Electric Vehicles (EVs) is one of the most affordable ways for your employees to drive a brand-new vehicle.

Typically an employee will save between 30% and 40% in comparison to a traditional personal car lease.

Salary Sacrifice for the Employer.

You save on Class 1 National Insurance contributions.

It offers a brilliant employee benefit for both the company and employee and can help retain staff.

It helps reduce CO2 emissions as it allows employees to drive new model cars reducing emissions.

All cars are supplied with full manufacturer warranties so you can be assured if anything goes wrong you are covered. 

We appreciate there are unforeseen circumstances which may require the early hand back of a vehicle.

We have included within the contract early termination insurance. This covers you for the following:

  • Resignation.
  • Unpaid extended parental leave, except for any statutory entitled pay.
  • Unpaid long term sickness leave lasting 4 weeks or more, except for any statutory entitled pay.
  • Accidental death that was not the result of self-inflicted injury, alcohol, solvent or drug abuse.
  • Loss of driving licence on medical grounds, for 6 months or more.

Your vehicle will be covered for:

  • Servicing
  • Maintenance, which includes wearable parts like brakes and discs
  • Tyres, including accidental damage
  • MOT
  • Breakdown cover
  • Accident management 

8 reasons why you should use MPH for my Salary Sacrifice scheme.

No set up or ongoing fees: 

Its completely free to sign up and use our service and can be used by both small and large fleets.


FREE Dedicated website for your business, showing all the available vehicles and savings that can be made. 


Everything included from the lease, maintenance, insurance and early termination insurance.

Dedicated support:

From people that care about your business and here to support you from the start to finish. Unlike many other providers MPH can work with smaller companies as well as large organisations and tailor our package to fit with your requirements.

Competitive tender model:

We are independent and have a panel of lease funders to compare and get you the best deals for you.

Bespoke vehicle discounts:

We work closely with manufacturers to get the very best discounts.

Full Fleet Management:

We offer a full suite of fleet procurement and management tools to help you manage your car and van fleet.

Offset your carbon footprint:

We work with Ecologi, so can offset your vehicle carbon footprint

Electric car charger

So how do you set up a Salary Sacrifice scheme with MPH?

  1. Your company is underwritten for finance.
  2. Terms and scheme put in place for employees.
  3. We set up a dedicated portal for you and your employees to view vehicles and prices
  4. Employees talk with our dedicated account manager and can choose vehicles from the dedicated portal. 
  5. The company receives and approves car choice.
  6. MPH order your vehicle. 
  7. MPH organise delivery to your chosen location.
  8. Your company sign and complete the finance paperwork.
  9. Your company ensures correct deductions through your payroll. 
  10. You have MPH by your side throughout the contract. 

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