Vehicle Tracking


MPH Vehicle Solutions offers web-based solutions such as vehicle tracking and asset (equipment) tracking.

You have the benefit of total visibility of your vehicles and assets (such as trailers and plant equipment). Our tracking and asset systems will reduce travel time, mileage and vehicle running costs.

Quickly Pinpoint your Vehicles

  • See vehicles nearby for urgent call-outs 
  • Integration with Google Maps for ease of use 
  • Colour-coded routes to show speed at each stage of the journey 
  • Use Google Maps and Street View photography to see exact location of an incident
  • Accurate journey histories
  • View current position and status of driver and vehicles via gps satellites
  • Access using a web browser or on a phone/mobile device with an APP

Save Time and Reduce Costs

  • Get daily timesheet reports for individual drivers or a group of vehicles 
  • See details of journeys made including start / finish times, arrival at first destination and departure from last destination 
  • Determine whether vehicles are used for unauthorised trips during the day or after hours 
  • See time on site to assist with client queries, driver pay and customer invoicing
  • Increase control of overtime costs

Reduce Costs and Manage Risk

  • View driver scores based on speed, acceleration and braking
  • See driver speeds compared to other professional road users for the same stretch of road
  • Evaluate where driving styles can be improved to prevent risk of accidents and reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce maintenance costs 
  • Reduce fuel costs

Improve Driver Safety

  • The “safe speed“ is sometimes lower than the legal signposted speed limit. Know your “safe speeds” with Quartix’s Safe Speed Database
  • Fleet driving style league table reports
  • Educate drivers so they know the safe speeds on their route

Alerts to your Inbox

  • Specify an area where drivers should or shouldn’t be operating
  • Set up “prohibited zones” - this can help avoid employees disappearing off to their home during work hours 
  • Set up “mandatory zones”, the area that the vehicle must remain in
  • Get instant email alerts allowing immediate response

Improve Productivity

  • Analyse the data to identify the best drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs, and remove regulatory paperwork headaches 
  • Access a vast, yet uncomplicated array of reports. Summary timesheets and out of hours usage can all be sent to your inbox 
  • Mobile and web-based reports


Not only can you track your vehicles you can integrate a DashCam so that you can record the road ahead and if an incident happens you have instant access to the footage.

Connected dashcam: key benefits

• Simple to retrieve and download “event” and user requested footage directly
from Quartix portal … anytime
• Event videos automatically uploaded to Quartix server and saved for 6 months
• Video “event” alert notifications via email
• Secure hardwired installation with local battery backup
• Tamper-proof lockable SIM / memory card cover


Vehicle tracking on the move

View the real-time location of vehicles when you are out of office, and access driver route maps and driver behaviour while on the move. You can also allow individual drivers to access their own driving style reports via the app – without giving them access to all drivers’ information.

Reports available on the move

  • List of all registered vehicle and current status (e.g. Ignition OFF or travelling at 41.6 mph) 
  • Live tracking with latest location in real time 
  • Trips showing day by day trips of the past 6 months 
  • Driving Style showing acceleration and braking

The Quartix vehicle tracking mobile app is free to download for all customers.

To arrange a free DEMO and find out how tracking could help improve the efficiency of your company, give us a call on 01242 500 007 or fill in our  contact form and we will be in contact.