Vehicle Security

Worred about your vehicle getting broken into and stolen 


Vehicle security for cars and vans is an ongoing problem with thieves becoming more sophisticated. 

In the old days it was simple to stick a piece of wire down the inside of the window, open the lock, get in the vehicle and either get away with your belongings or worse still hotwire your car and drive away. 

With modern technology, this isn’t so easy today, so the thieves have come up with other solutions like key cloning or taking the keys from your house and then taking your car. 

MPH have several security solutions to help overcome this. Ghost offer a unique solution by adding another layer of security into your vehicle so even with the original key a thief can’t drive away with your car.

Find out more here: Tracker offer several different solutions including Thatcham CAT5,6 & 7 assured category’s which can track, recover and locate your vehicle.