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Vehicle Tracking

Fleet tracking is now a must have for your business, not only does it give added security to your assets but it can save hours in time and money by running your fleet more efficiently.

Not only can you monitor your fleet our systems allows you to monitor Harsh driving, excessive speeding and even gives you real time impact notifications all proving you with information to help reduce costs.

So why do you need to track your vehicles?

  Know the exact position of your vehicles every minute of the day.

  Provide your customer with a better service, giving them accurate ETA’s

  Monitoring driver behaviour reduces fuel and vehicle wear and tear reducing running costs and increasing profits

  Reduce excess idling which reduces fuel usage.

  Management reports keeping a track on hours worked and time on side.

  Detailed insight on how your vehicle is being drive. Monitor speed, excessive acceleration and harsh braking.

  You have the benefit of being able to replay a journey or a day's work.

  The system shows live speeding reports and a detailed insight on how your vehicles are being driven.

  With the mobile app you can view your vehicles even when you're out of the office.

  All these benefits help drive down costs and saving you money.

  For a no obligation demonstration to see how MPH can help your business with vehicle tracking give us a call on 01242 505051 or fill in the contact form below.

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