Cameras and Video telematics

MPH provide a range of camera systems to meet the needs of drivers and fleet operators. MPH can supply a single forward facing camera professionally fitted into your vehicle to a fully integrated 4G live transmission system enabling you to view your vehicles whilst sitting at your desk.

Why Buy a Vehicle Camera?

  • Protect your no-claims bonus and insurance premiums
  • Faster insurance claims processing lowers the costs
  • Protect against Crash for Cash scams
  • Report dangerous and unsociable drivers
  • Capture and report road rage incidents
  • Keep a record of your fleet and driver’s activity
  • Record and keep treasured memories

Not Protecting Your Fleet Can Be Costly!

More than 1000 vehicles a week are targeted by deliberate 'cash for crash' scams, Cash for crash is usually staged using what is termed as a 'slam on'. The offending vehicle slams on their brakes deliberately causing the victim to crash into the back of them. 

If you are involved in an accident and it's not your fault, it can sometimes be hard to prove this as the other party may also claim it's not their fault. In many instances this will result in a 50/50 claim and could affect your no claims discount. Having a dash camera could help prove what happened.