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Vehicle Dash camera the DA100HD with internal memory

DA100 forward facing HD camera DVR with built-in memory, GPS and password protected access to the video footage

  The DA100HD is completely tamper-proof, eliminating any unauthorised intervention from vehicle drivers. A unique password feature gives the manager the ability to limit who can have access to
  the video footage.

  The camera has 32GB internal memory which can be accessed by simply plugging in a PC and with the necessary password, download the footage. 

  The unit comes with a GPS module which provides accurate positioning and journey information throughout the video recording process.

  The camera has 2 modes. Continuous recording mode is activated when you start the engine, and three minute clips are saved, which will then be on an auto loop recording system ensuring all crucial
  evidence is recorded.

Incident recording mode works using the internal G-sensor function. When the G-sensor function detects an impact it will automatically save the clip before and after the event into a separate file. An SOS button enables the driver to instantly take a short clip of footage and a photo, ensuring that the incident or event footage is saved.

Some the key features of the DA100 are:

  • Tamper-proof
  • Internal 32GB memory
  • Encrypted
  • Pin Code Protected
  • Full HD
  • Journey maps with GPS
  • Low-light performance
  • SOS mode
  • Wide angle coverage
  • Internal camera can be added

The video clip below shows how our DA100HD camera recording various close shaves and an accident (the Porsche hit the car in front!).As you will also see you are able to track your movements using the free software that comes with the camera.

This also shows you’re driving behaviour with harsh braking and acceleration information.

The DA100 start at £166 + VAT for the single camera version. For more information on this or any of our other products please fill in the form below and we will be in contact to discuss your requirements in more detail.

If you want to compare the different cameras to see what would fit you best, head over to our specification and pricing page

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