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MPH Vehicle Solutions offers web-based solutions such as vehicle tracking or asset (equipment) tracking.

You have the benefit of total visibility of your vehicles and assets (such as trailers and plant equipment). Our tracking and asset systems will reduce travel time, mileage and vehicle running costs.

Your business will see increased productivity, better efficiency with improved savings and better profitability. Google Maps, backed by Satellite, Street View and Traffic Integration, is used to pinpoint your vehicles.

Our website gives you instant access to vehicle history and a host of reporting and driver data.

Some of the Key Features:

  • Web based - no IT investment needed
  • View current position and status of driver and vehicles via gps satellites
  • Accurate journey histories
  • Easily identify the nearest vehicle to a location
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Timesheets for each employee
  • Monitor excessive speeding
  • Record out of hours/unauthorised vehicle use Geo-fencing allowing management of territories
  • Reports - tailored and emailed to your inbox
  • Access using a web browser or on a phone/mobile device with an APP

Some of the Key Benefits:

  • Real-time visibility of your mobile workforce
  • Reduce fuel costs, mileage and emissions
  • Increase control of overtime costs
  • Boost productivity and workforce utilisation
  • Increase customer satisfaction through improved communication and proactive management
  • Obtain detailed insight to help drive your business forward efficiently

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