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Plant Tracking

Plant Security System

We understand the importance of securing and maintaining your plant in the day to day running of your business, Whether you need a simple security tracking system or a service
management tool with remote immobilisation, we have a solution for almost every requirement. With Plant thefts rising to an estimated £1 Million a week last year our product reduces the
risk of you being a part of that statistic.

What does it do?

  • See all your vehicles on one map
  • Set up Alerts for unauthorised movements
  • Monitor usage and hours using the reports suite
  • View live voltage readings from your assets battery
  • View historical events and alerts
  • Automated service and maintenance alerts for your machines
  • Access your tracking via our Pure Telematics Smart Phone APP

Intelligent Security Alerts

With Plant theft on the rise over the last 5 years we can put you mind at ease with our Security Alerts System. Receive Real time alerts for several events such as unauthorised movement, Tamper, power and even voltage drop. Speak to our team for assistance configuring your alerts.

Safe Remote Immobilisation

Plant i have developed a safe immobilisation feature which allows you to have control of your machine from our online web portal. If a customer hasn’t paid, simply disable the machine remotely and wait for the call.

Automatic Service Alerts

Save time with our Plant and Service Report, Our Plant Devices have the ability to calculate real running hours meaning that you can check your machines hour counter at the click of a button. Set up automatic reminders for any servicing and maintenance on your assets.

Battery Optimisation

Huge investment in software and battery technology have enabled Plant i to offer a device that has minimal affect on your machines battery. Intelligent sleep patterns prevent your device from being detected by GSM Scanners. We also offer self powered tracking devices with up to 4 years battery life.

Affordable Tracking solutions for farm equipment

  • Real-time location display with satellite imagery
  • Usage reports with maintenance alerts
  • Battery monitoring Full UK and EU coverage
  • Security and movement alerts
  • Award winning support
  • No tie in contract

How It Works

We use rugged GPS tracking devices to ensure that they stay working no matter the terrain fitted with the latest Multisim technology to ensure the best coverage available in all circumstances. These are installed by our expert fitters at the highest standard giving you an unparalleled level of service and a connection established. A secure log is created for you to gain access to all the needed information 24/7.

  • Real time location of all your vehicles on one map.
  • Ability to see total hours of worked on site.
  • Detailed custom reports at your disposal.
  • Scheduled reports delivered to your email inbox.
  • Optional driver Identification System
  • Machine battery voltage status.
  • Bespoke hardware to software requests.

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