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Almost 10,000 commercial vehicle thefts were recorded in the last 12 months, that's up 45% in the last four years with over 30,000 vans reported stolen across the UK since 2015/16

A total of 32,056 vans have been stolen over the last four years with almost 10,000 thefts recorded across the UK in the last year alone, according to official police statistics. The 2018/19 figures represent a year-on-year rise of 4% and a 45% increase since 2015/16.

Of the 9,371 van thefts reported in the past 12 months, the Metropolitan Police recorded more than half of the total with 4,777 commercial vehicles stolen in the area Met Ploice area with a rise of 15%.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles who carried out the research is committed to supporting their customers wherever possible and that includes preventing them from becoming victims of van theft.

Top tips to secure your van

  • Don't leave tools in your van overnight.
  • Park in well-lit areas or car parks with CCTV or alternatively position your van so that the doors are blocked by another vehicle or object
  • Window guards or full internal bulkheads can stop would-be thieves seeing inside
  • Adding security film to the side or back window glass can stop criminals smashing it
  • Fitting additional locks to rear and sliding doors can help deter thieves
  •  Invest in lockable internal racking or secure storage boxes for your most valuable tools
  • Fitting a tracker can help police hunt down the van if it is stolen plus it may reduce your insurance premium
  • Fitting a Ghost unit to stop thefts during the vehicle away in the first place.

See how GHOST Vehicle security can help protect your vehicle from being driven away.

See how tracking can help keep your vehicle secure.

For more information on how to protect your vehicle give us a call on 01242 505051 for some free advice or complete the box below.

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31st of January 2020