Fleet Management with MPH Vehicle Solutions

MPH Fleet Management

When choosing MPH Expert fleet management package MPH become your virtual fleet managers. 

Included in the MPH Expert package is the FleetCheck Professional. What you gain is experienced staff who will manage the day to day running of your fleet and back end paperwork.

This allows you to free up your time to concertrate on your buisness. 



MPH will manage all aspects of your vehicle fleet.

Having a Virtual Fleet Manager will help reduce costs, save you time and reduce stress. Allowing MPH to take over the day to day tasks of running you fleet will keep your vehicles running more efficiency by keeping on top of regular maintenance, MOT and repairs. 

If there is a breakdown, flat type or accident MPH are there to get things sorted and your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. If it has to go into a workshop we can arrange a hire or courtesy vehicle.

·       We do all the following and more. 

  • Keeping all records up to date.
  • Booking Service, MOT and repairs.
  • Type, windscreen repairs and replacements. 
  • Deal with breakdowns
  • Deal with warranty issues
  • Deal with accidents and accident management.
  • Carry out Driving Licence checks.
  • Carry out medical checks. 
  • Sort our speeding and Parking fines.
  • Book hire vehicles and Courtesy cars

What does all this mean for you. 

  • Keeps you compliant with current legislation.
  • Duty of care for your employees.
  • Full suite of reports.
  • Have a dedicated team looking after your vehicles.

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MPH are partners with FleetCheck the award winning Fleet Management Software provider. The software is the basis of fleet management and keeps all your vehicle and employee details in one central place.

The software will allow detailed records for:

  • Driver management
  • Vehicle management
  • Grey Fleet management
  • Service and vehicle advisory reports.
  • Direct link to DVLA for MOT and RFL alters

With the FleetCheck App you are able to carry out vehicle checks and communicate with the drivers.

  • Carry out vehicle checks.
  • Vehicle details 
  • Contact numbers for key services. 
  • Receive notifications and documents.

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Vehicle Tracking

MPH have partnered with vehicle tracking companies that can supply a range of services. 

Vehicle tracking can add benefits to vehicle fleets.

  • Know where your vehicles are at all times with accurate journey histories.
  • Help with routing to make deliveries more efficient.
  • See time on site to assist with client queries, driver pay and customer invoicing.
  • Increase control of overtime costs.
  • Reduce maintenance costs. 
  • Driver behaviour monitoring including Speeding.
  • Alerts with Geofencing.

Adding Cameras to vehicle can also help by allowing driver behaviour. You can have forward, rear and cab cameras.

This can identify:

  • Poor driving.
  • Assist with accidents and reduce 50/50 faults.
  • Reduce crash for cash incidents. 

Find out more about vehicle tracking by heading over to our Vehicle Tracking page

Fuel Cards

Adding fuel cars to your fleet can be a great way of controlling costs. 

  • Reduce costs from forecourt prices with a fixed weekly price.
  • Choose from a range of suppliers (Shell, BP, Esso, All Star etc) to suit your needs.
  • Weekly/ monthly billing.
  • Incorporate into FleetCheck software

By having fuel cards you can highlight mile per gallon per vehicle which in turn might highly heavy footed drivers or maybe illegal fill ups. 




If you would like to find out more about Fleet Management or Fleet Software, why not give us a call for a no obligation car on 01242 500 007 or complete our contact form and we will be in touch.