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MC500 Motorbike Dual Camera System

Micro 2-Camera video system with GPS positioning designed specifically for Motorbikes

The MC500 system provides 2 discrete waterproof micro-cameras and has been developed & designed specifically for motorbikes. The system provides FULL HD recording and GPS tracking. This camera is ready to capture every event on the road, no matter what the weather.

The system is professionally installed on your bike and with the fixed cameras not moving around like they do on your helmet so you get a quality image at all time.

  The system includes a forward-facing and rear-facing camera, a GPS antennae and a central DVR unit with all the necessary wiring, as well as
  an optional on/off and instant capture button.

  Dash Cams work by recording timed video clips onto an SD card. The SD card allows you to store approximately the last 7 hours of journey, then
  when the device memory is full it automatically records over the oldest videos on a rotational basis.

  If you are involved in an accident the system will recognise this through the inbuilt G force sensor, which will lock the timed event and save it
  so that it cannot be over-written, even if you continue to ride.

  • 2 discrete cameras, front & rear
  • 120° viewing angle on both cameras
  • Video recorder mounts under the seat
  • WaterproofHigh resolution 1280 x 720p video
  • Time & date stamped
  • Optional on/off and instant capture button on handlebar
  • Firmly fixed to the bike
  • Professionally installed
  • Better recording as fixed and not moving around

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