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HGV Tracking

HGV Check + uses OEM level hardware to transmit live CANbus data from any HGV fleet regardless of vehicle manufacturer.

HGV Check + assists users to reduce your fuel and vehicle running costs by providing crucial data on how any driver is performing whilst out on the road.

The information provided enables Fleet Managers to mentor Drivers to use improved driving habits, a key component to reducing fuel costs and reducing C02 output by up to 15%.

Simple to use reports linked to effective Account Management make HGV Check+ the solution of choice for HGV Operators of all fleet types and sizes.

  Ability to search for closest vehicle to appoint of interest for better dispatching.

  Ability to see drop off and pick points on the map.

  Impact alerts letting you know when an incident has occurred.

  Detailed custom reports for improved operations.

  Scheduled reports delivered to your email inbox.

  Optional driver I.D system.

  Speeding, harsh accelerations and breaking alerts to monitor driver behaviour.

Trailer Tracking

With a range of self powered and hard wired solutions to suit all types of projects, our fully configurable trailer tracking devices can be altered to suit almost any requirements.

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