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End of lease fair wear and tear guide

Returning your lease car

This information explains the process of returning your lease car and how it should be returned. 

When you return your vehicle to the finance provider at the end of your agreement, it will be inspected for any damage that falls outside ‘fair wear and tear’. This is the same for both business and private customers.  You will be liable to pay for any excess damage that is found in the form of lease-end penalty charges.

Each finance provider will have its own set of fair wear and tear rules but most use the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) guide. You should obtain a copy from your fiance provider in plenty of time and the BRVLA recommend 10-12 weeks before your vehicle is returned. 

If you don't have this information to hand then please contact MPH who can supply the information for you. 

The BVRLA is an independent organisation and their guidelines ensure the rules are clear, easily understood and fair for everyone involved.

Before returning your lease car.

Before returning your vehicle, please ensure you consult the official wear and tear guidelines from your finance provider. The guidelines detail what is acceptable for different areas of the vehicle and include specific guidance with regards to the following areas:

  • Exterior paintwork, body, bumpers and trims 
  • Wheel damage
  • Tyre depth
  • Interior trim, seats, controls and equipment
  • Road safety issues. 
  • Windows, glass, door mirrors 
  • Lights are working.
  • Documentation and keys 
  • Mechanical condition 

When returning your vehicle

The BVRLA advises that you inspect your vehicle 10 to 12 weeks before it is due to be returned. This should give you enough time to check the vehicle against the condition guidelines. You should also obtain a list of costs that your finance provider charge so that you can compare this to see if you can arrange for any necessary repairs to be carried out before sending the vehicle back. We would always recommend using a reputable company as poor repairs can lead to further costs.

When vehicle(s) are returned at the end of their contract, they should be in good condition for their age and mileage and you should clean your vehicle inside and out. 

Check tyre depth and MOT status of the vehicle. If the vehicle is illegal for any reason, for example, no MOT, tyres are below the legal limit or there are sharp edges from damage then the collection will be aborted and you will be charged.

The most common problems that are picked up when vehicles are inspected are:

  • Damage to alloy wheels, edges and internal scratches. 
  • Chips or dents in the bodywork
  • Scuffs and scratches in the paintwork (especially the edge of bumpers)
  • Scratches that go through to the primer and bare metal is showing
  • Rips and holes in seats
  • Missing keys

Who will collect and inspect my vehicle?

Your vehicle will be collected and inspected by an independent company. For more information, contact your leasing company directly. 

Why are there end of lease charges?

End-of lease charges occur when the vehicle, its equipment or accessories are not used, maintained or looked after as originally agreed at the start of the lease. The charges compensate the leasing company for the cost of rectifying damage or missing items such as keys or service history.

They can still be applied at the end of lease in cases where the leasing company decides (for commercial reasons) not to repair damage or replace missing equipment before the vehicle is sold.

Customers are not charged at end of lease for any refurbishment that arises from normal wear and tear.

Customers can arrange to repair any damage that's outside the agreed returned standard before returning the vehicle, provided the repairs are carried out to a professional standard by a reputable repairer who can provide a fully transferable warranty on the work.

Appraising your vehicle

  • Appraise the vehicle as honestly as you can – be objective. Ask a friend or colleague to help you.
  • Choose a time and place with good light. This is how the leasing company will examine your vehicle. Appraisals carried out in poor light invariably miss some faults.
  • Before appraising the vehicle, make sure that it has been washed and is thoroughly clean but remember to allow time for it to dry. Water on the paintwork can mask faults. 
  • Walk all the way around the vehicle and examine closely each panel including the roof, bonnet, doors, and bodywork for significant damage. 
  • Observe where the light is reflected differently from dents and scratches. 
  • Crouch or kneel down at the front and rear of the vehicle and look along the bodyline on each side. This will help you see scratches and dents that may otherwise be difficult to spot. 
  • Inspect lamps, lenses, windows and mirrors for chips, cracks and holes. 
  • Check the tyres (including spare) for damage. Check that the wear on the tread across each tyre is even. 
  • Inspect wheels, wheel trims and wheel spokes for scratches and deterioration. 
  • Clean and valet the interior. Check upholstered areas for odours, tears, burns, stains and wear. 
  • Inspect all controls, including audio equipment and accessories – they should be present and fully functional.

What can I do if I have a complaint?

In the event of a dispute about the condition or damage to the vehicle, customers have the right to pay for an examination of the evidence by an independent qualified engineer, eg an engineer who is unrelated to the original inspection and agreed by both parties. 

The engineer's decision will be binding on both the customer and the BVRLA member. If the engineer finds in the customer's favour, the BVRLA member will refund the reasonable cost of the examination to the customer.

On occasion, disagreements will arise between customers and BVRLA members which cannot be settled directly. Unresolved disputes can be referred to the BVRLA by the customer and/or the member involved. 

More information on the BVRLA's Alternative Dispute Resolution Service is available online.

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