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MPH Dash Camera DA70 Pro

MPH 70mai Pro Dash Cam is the lastest dash cam with multiple functions to promote safer driving experience with some great features these include:

  • Parking surveillance
  • Advanced driver-assistance system
  • Superb day and night visionApp enable
  • Easy playback and download
  • Compact design
  • Battery: built-in 5V 2A 500mAh Li-ion battery
  • 1944P HD
  • Voice Control
  • 140 Degree
  • GPSWifi
  • Night Vision

70MAI Dash Cam Pro +GPS Module

Equip your Car with the latest Advanced Driver Assistant Systems

  • ADAS, (Advanced Driver Assistant System) a modern highly sophisticated safety feature designed to boost driving safety.
  • LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) Real-time voice alert if you drift out of your lane
  • FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) ​ FCWS helps drivers to keep safe distance between vehicles, as well as effectively preventing and reducing rear-end crashes and accompanying injuries.


  When a collision happens, The DA70 Pro automatically records the emergency situation and saves the video separately to an events folder.

  This feature avoids video being over recovered by normal loop recording.

  Videos can be downloaded via your phone app and can then be used to help with police reports, accident reports and insurance claims.

24-Hour Parking Monitor

In parking mode, 70mai dash cam pro enters into sleeping mode but keeps monitoring the vehicle.

The time-lapse allows efficient use of storage, and automatically overwrites the oldest footages with the latest ones.

Due to the G-sensor, The camera starts recording video if any collision occurs, the footage of the event will be stored separately in an Event File, this avoids being overwritten during normal recordings.

  Here you can compare the difference between the DA70 and DA70 Pro to see which would be the best camera option for you.

  The camera comes complete with everything that you need to get started, You can either plug the camera into your 24V car power socket, Connect it through your
  OBD port (lead, additional cost) or have it professionally fitted.

  Pricing for the MPH DA70 Pro camera are as follows:

  DA70 Pro, 32GB SD card, 5v 2A car charger, 3.5m USB Cable - £129 + VAT
  DA70 Pro, 32GB SD card OBD port lead - £144 + VAT
  DA70 Pro, 32GB SD card, Professional installation - £199 + VAT
  Upgrade to 64GB SD Card for £5 + VAT

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