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Vehicle Cameras

Why invest in a vehicle camera?

Cameras are becoming common in vehicles these days. They are helping to keep insurance costs down as they can help in a variety of different ways

Vehicle Insurance Fraud ('Cash for crash')

'Cash for crash' the most common kind of vehicle insurance fraud is defined as "to stage or deliberately cause a road traffic collision for the purpose of financial gain". Every year insurers pay out millions of pounds to fraudsters who deliberately target certain vehicle types and fleets knowing they are insured. With different staged scams keep yourself protected.One way to do this is to install cameras in your vehicles. Here at MPH we have a number of different camera systems to help protect your vehicle.

50/50 accidents

If your unfortunate enough to be invoiced in a accident you will then be faced with whose fault it is. Occasionally it's obvious, but in many cases neither party will admit responsibility and you end up claiming on your own insurance, which affects your no claims discount. Having a camera can help identify what happened and whose fault it is.

Dangerous driving

Many police forces will now act on dash cam information, by reporting dangerous drivers on our roads will help reduce the number of incidents that happy, again driving down insurance costs. Police also ask for Dash cam footage which you may have caught to help in investigation that they need help with.


They can also be used for positive things. Maybe you have taken a fantastic drive through the mountains or been on a track day in your car and you want to record the event for prosperity. Dash cams generally have an SD card in them that records as you drive along. Depending on the size of the memory card you will have hours of driving footage that you can download onto your computer and watch on either the software that comes with the camera or in most cases any video player that comes with your computer.

Camera options

MPH provide a range of video telematic products from a stand alone forward facing Dash Cam to multi camera live transmission streaming cameras.

Camera systems can be used for cars, vans and HGVs and can provide 360° protection of your vehicles including GPS, live streaming video and downloading of recorded video all over the GSM/M2M network.

Dash cams can come with front and rear cameras, parking guard intergration and internal memory passwork protection.

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