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London Ultra-Low Emission Zone will start in 2019

It has been confirmed that the new Ultra-Low Emission Zone will start in 2019 to tackle toxic air.
The World’s first Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will operate from 8 April 2019 in Central London.
More than 100,000 people across London will no longer live in areas exceeding the NO2 limits thanks to early introduction 24-hour ULEZ will replace the T-Charge, tightening standards and affecting up to 60,000 vehicles a day .
NOx road transport emissions in central London estimated to fall by an additional 20 per cent in 2019t

The Mayor of London announced plans for the next major stage of his hard-hitting measures to help tackle London’s lethal air pollution and dramatically reduce harmful emissions from up to 60,000 vehicles daily – with the early introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in central London from 8th April 2019.

Last month Sadiq introduced the new Toxicity Charge (T-Charge) in central London to help deter the use of older more polluting vehicles, and encourage walking or cycling, or using public transport, in the build up to the ULEZ

From April 2019 the ULEZ will replace the T-Charge and operate in the same area, alongside the congestion charge but (unlike the T-Charge and Congestion Charge, which are only in place on weekdays) it will operate 24 hours a days, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

There will also be two ULEZ charge levels: £12.50 a day for cars, vans and motorbikes and £100 a day for lorries, buses and coaches. These charges will be in addition to the Congestion Charge (C-Charge), so the more polluting cars and vans would pay £24 per day and lorries would pay £111.50 during C-Charge hours.

All revenue raised will be used by Transport for London to help maintain a greener transport fleet and reduce pollution across the transport network.

Broadly speaking, a four-year-old or newer diesel car will meet the requirement in 2019 when the scheme comes into force, making the ULEZ the tightest emission standard adopted in the world.

What will it cost:

Map of the the new ULEZ:

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Posted on 6th November 2017 at 2:41 PM

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