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Company Car Tax guides

The company car tax table allows you to work out what tax you will be paying if you are a company car driver.
The calculation is quite simple.

Find the P11d value of the car:
Look up the g/km emissions of your car and convert to Percentage (%) on the table
Confirm what tax bracket you are, 20% or 40%
Then do the calculation
P11d value x CO2 x Your tax bracket.

Vehicle BIK of £31,000, Car CO2 emissions of 75g/km equated to 22%, your tax band 20%

£31,000 x 22% x 20% = £1364 This is your yearly tax. Divide by 12 to find your monthly tax
£1363 / 12 = £113.66 per month.

If you choose to take a company fuel then there is a tax price of £24,100 (this is a fixed price for all cars) for 2019/2020, again you multiply this by the vehicle CO2 and your tax bracket.

£24,100 x 22% x 20% = £1060.40 This is your yearly tax. Divide by 12 to find your monthly tax£1060.40 / 12 = £88.36 per month.

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