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Vehicle Camera & tracking solutions

Vehicle Tracking
Telematics is now the number one choice for businesses requiring access to accurate fleet information and to better manage fleet operations.
More and more organisations are considering vehicle tracking as a business critical tool to provide clarity over day-to-day management as well as areas for long-term improvement.

MPH offer web-based solutions such as vehicle tracking or asset (equipment) tracking. You have the benefit of total visibility of your vehicles and assets (such as trailers and plant equipment). Our tracking and asset systems will reduce travel time, mileage and vehicle running costs.
Your business will see increased productivity, better efficiency with improved savings and better profitability.

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Telematics Video Systems
MPH provide a range of video telematic products from Dash Cams with front and rear cameras, parking guard intergration and internal memory passwork protection units.

For larger installations MPH can provide 4,6,8 upto 16 streaming camera systems using DVRs' with internal memory and incab monitors.

MPH also provide cutting edge 3G/4G vehicle video telematic transmission systems.

MPH camera can be used in cars, LCV's and HGV's and provide 360° protection of your vehicles including GPS, live streaming video and downloading of recorded video all over the GSM/M2M network.
have systems to combat:
-Illegal Immigration
-Fuel Theft
-Load Theft
-and More
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What Is Vehicle Insurance Fraud
'Cash for crash' the most common kind of vehicle insurance fraud is defined as "to stage or deliberately cause a road traffic collision for the purpose of financial gain". Every year insurers pay out millions of pounds to fraudsters who deliberately target certain vehicle types and fleets knowing they are insured. With different staged scams keep yourself protected.
One way to do this is to install cameras in your vehicles. Here at MPH we have a number of different camera systems to help protect your vehicle.

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