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AIO1500 4G live transmission camera system for cars, vans and HGV's

The all new AIO1500 is the latest in 3G/4G dash cameras, equipped with the very latest technology to ensure seamless GSM video connectivity to your fleet. The unit provides 3 systems in one, allowing access to remote video, telematics, and driver behaviour data, ensuring you have access to all the driving and tracking data you need, as well as video

The AIO1500 has an inbuilt forward facing HD camera as well as a 2nd internal camera that can be enabled or disabled as required. The unit will also accept an input from a 3rd camera for side or rear views of the vehicle if required, and all 3 channels can be streamed and recorded.

The AIO1500 also provides access to a fully functional tracking and video platform for monitoring and reporting on vehicles, journeys, and driving. A highly configurable reporting suite allows for detailed 'event' reporting such as incidents, over-speeding, harsh braking or acceleration, idling and more. There is also a separate management suite for configuration, changes and updates.

This video shows the details that can be seen by the camera. you can see both the external view and driver as well as location and driver behaviour.

The online portal for the AIO1500 provides access to Tracking, Video (real-time and historical), and driver behaviour information.

It replaces the need to have potentially 3 different systems to provide the same information.

The system is comprehensive and highly configurable to meet your needs.

This screen shot shows the driver journey on the left with which include the journey playback on the right

There is a vast reporting system available and you can drill down from an overview of all your drivers and vehicles down to individual journeys.
A number of events can be configured in the system, including over speeding, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, manually triggered events and shock events using this configuration screen.

24/7 emergency accident support

With all AIO Camera you are linked to our 24/7 emergency accident support network.
24/7 365 days per year claim handling
Specialist vehicles supported
Real Time Management Information
Repair network that covers all the UK

Costs and monthly payment options

The AIO1500 start at £527 + VAT fitted. This is the for external and internal camera, modem, wiring and installation. There is a monthly data charge for the live transmission streaming.

We can also provide the AIO1500 as a monthly payment reducing the need to use capital. The monthly payment includes the equipment and monthly air time and starts from £29pm + VAT for the standard setup.

If you want to compare the different cameras to see what would fit you best, head over to our specification and pricing page.

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